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Dr. Phillip Barnwell

Dr. Phillip Barnwell is a second generation chiropractor with a heart to see his community and beyond live a life full of health and well being, both physically and spiritually.

Dr. Barnwell grew up in Washington, Georgia as the son of a pioneer in chiropractic, Dr. Paul Barnwell. While attending Life Chiropractic College, he met and married his wife, Pam and they set out on a mission to affect the lives of their community. After graduation from Life, he joined the practice of Dr. Paul Barnwell in Washington, and poised himself to learn only what can be taught by an experienced man of the profession. His time and experience there was invaluable.

Soon, Dr. Barnwell felt that God was moving him and his family, in a direction that would lead them to the Houston area. He founded Chiropractic Plus as a friendly, family office, offering superior care for newborns to adults. All of the patients are educated in how their body functions, and how best to achieve good health through diet, exercise, peace management and most important, through corrective spinal adjustments.

It is Dr Barnwell’s mission at Chiropractic Plus to provide patients with the most innovative, and advanced methods of maintaining and restoring health. Dr. Barnwell travels extensively attending classes throughout the United States to assist him in accomplishing this goal. What is received must be freely given. As Dr. Barnwell was mentored by his father, Dr. Barnwell has also had the privilege to mentor many chiropractic students, and new doctors to the profession.

Dr. Barnwell has been married to Pam for over 32 years and has four children; Amanda, 28, Abigail, 26, Paul, 24, and Virginia 20. He is a resident of Lakes of Pine Forest and a member of Hosanna Fellowship.


Dr Abigail Barnwell

Dr. Abby Barnwell is a third generation chiropractor that has a passion in changing healthcare through teaching the most advanced holistic methods to health. Health comes from within and Dr. Abby strives to help each of her patients find that perfect balance in their life. She loves working with children of all ages, as well as adults who strive to live an optimized life.

Dr. Abby has past experience as a personal trainer, and nutrition expert. She has spent years writing her patients nutrition plans, as well as working with them personally in the gym to help them to achieve their personal physical fitness goals. She graduated with a Doctorate in Chiropractic in Marietta Georgia in 2013 and moved to South Carolina in which she associated with a Doctor in Greenville, SC. She felt the calling to return to Texas and practice with her father and mentor Dr. Phillip Barnwell at Chiropractic Plus.

The mission to transform healthcare in Houston Texas is a huge one and Dr. Abby believes that the more that she teaches and touches with Chiropractic and nutrition it will stir the fire and will begin a fire in more and more people about really achieving health not just for themselves but for their friends and family.

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