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About Chiropractic Plus

Chiropractic Plus was established to give hope to a hurting community. With specialties ranging from Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue, Neuropathy, Knee Pain, Migraines/Headaches among many others, we have seen and experienced miracles.

You’ve heard the term “medical practice”—that’s because medical science is technically a continuously evolving “practice.” Medicine isn’t a guarantee, and it is not your only wellness option. Our health delivery system is not an alternative. It is a proven, medication-free way of approaching your health, your healthcare and your lifestyle.

Our practice can help you:
Identify causes and root problems
Remove the origin of illness
Remove interference
Improve lifestyles
Reduce need for unnecessary medications
Ensure longevity
Decrease the need for sick visits to the doctor
Expedite recovery times
Improve your blood pressure, sleep, immunity, depression and much more!


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